Rules & regulations

Paper Presentation



1) Individual presentations will only be accepted. 

2) Abstract Submission:- 

a. The abstracts should not exceed 500 words.

 b. The last date for submission of abstracts is 14th August 2018 to the given email id:

c. The abstracts should be in the form of either word document (.doc or .docx) or PDF (.pdf) and file name saved as “YourName_CollegeName_Subject” (e.g. Biswarup Pramanik_AIIMS Bhubaneswar_Psychiatry).

d. The abstracts should be in the format of Title, Introduction, Aims & Objectives, Materials & Methods, Results & Analysis(If, available). (DO NOT include References in abstract)

e. A copy of clearance certificate from the Institutional Ethics Committee of the College/Hospital should also be attached along with the abstract.

f. Informed Consent Form, Study Questionnaire and Case Study Form must be attached along with the Abstract file if used for the study.

g. The abstracts selected for presentation will be listed on the website and the delegates will be given prior information.

3) The presentation is expected to be in the form of PowerPoint presentation not exceeding 20 slides (.ppt or .pptx).

4) The powerpoint presentation is to be submitted when notified.

5) Each delegate will be given a total of 10 minutes: 8 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for questionnaire (both from the judges and audience).

6) Each session will have a winner which will be declared in the valedictory ceremony only.

7) For any query contact:

Dhritiman Das: 7683985029 (Whatsapp)

Pratyush Ranjan Behera: 8763127139 (Whatsapp)


Mail to: